Taipei is a city for vegetarian food lovers. It has everything from grand vegetarian buffets, to hole-in-the-wall neighborhood spots, to Instagram-worthy brunch places, to Michelin-starred fine dining.

This diversity is what makes being vegetarian and vegan in Taipei so convenient and exciting. There‘s such a wide variety of cuisines, in so many dining styles, at so many price points. Hopefully this list does a good job with collecting all the local favorites.

Note: The places listed here are all dedicated vegetarian or vegan restaurants. Links go to Google Maps.

The impressive spread at Minder Vegetarian.


Some well-known and some lesser-known options for classic Taiwanese flavors.

  • Minder Vegetarian is a local favorite for Taiwanese home cooking and their “pay what it weighs” system. There are seven locations around the city.
  • DeliSoys (上善豆家) does Taiwanese breakfast of youtiao and soymilk from 7:30am daily. They also make their own tofu, and serve them in dozens of ways for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Vegetarian Tomato Beef Noodle Restaurant (素食茄汁牛肉麵) at the foot of the Elephant Mountain trail serves a heavy tomato broth with marinated king trumpet mushrooms taking the place of beef.
  • 雪裏紅素食點心 is another option for vegetarian beef noodle soup. This very casual neighborhood joint also makes steamed dumplings, radish cake, zhongzi and other noodle dishes. Near Nanjing Sanmin MRT station.
  • Veggie Steamed Stinky Tofu (蒸夠臭素食蒸臭豆腐) looks like a popular local hole-in-the-wall. In my opinion, the steamed version of stinky tofu is just as tasty, just as stinky and much healthier.
  • Serenity (祥和蔬食精緻料理), which is Michelin recommended, also does steamed stinky tofu plus lots of seasonal vegetable dishes. Near Shandao Temple.
  • Ching Chun Veggie (青春素麵線) makes a vegan version of oyster vermicelli, a classic Taiwanese dish. They also have stinky tofu, oil rice and braised “pork” rice on the menu. The place is super cute.
  • Vege Creek does a modern interpretation of lu wei (滷味), a staple food stall found at all Taiwan’s night markets. You pick and choose your fixings and noodles, then they’re all cooked together in a delicious, addictive and flavorful broth. Lots of locations around town.
  • Yiihotang is a pretty famous bakery that makes vegan pineapple cake with Japanese soymilk cream. Yiihotang has a few locations around town but this is their all-vegan branch.
Noodles with bean paste at DeliSoys.


Because you simply have to have amazing vegetarian Chinese food when you’re in town.

  • Yang Shin Vegetarian is a high-end restaurant that serves specialty dishes like “peking duck”, “custard” tarts and “char-siu” buns. Some say it’s the best in Taipei. You definitely need a reservation.
  • Han Lai Vegetable (漢來蔬食) inside Zhongxiao SOGO (the original SOGO) is known for their dim sum dishes.
  • Xin Hong Vegetarian Food (新閎蔬食料理餐廳) is a classic family-style, all-vegan Chinese restaurant in the Ximending area with big round tables, so you’ll want to go with a group. The mapo tofu is supposed to be excellent.


Taiwanese people always love a steaming hotpot, even during sweaty summers.

  • Like Lotus (若荷蔬食火鍋) has great reviews for their hotpot (you can choose up to three broths) and small buffet of sushi and other cooked dishes.
  • Easy House (寬心園精緻蔬食料理) has individual hot pot with Chinese medicinal flavors. They’ve been around for a long time.
  • 小心上癮素食麻辣火鍋 has all-you-can-eat yuan-yang hotpot where you have a spicy soup base next to a non-spicy soup base, separated by a divider in the pot. Near Nanjing Sanmin MRT station.
Medicinal clay hot pot at Easy House.

Everything Buffet

Taiwanese people love a good buffet for its “CP” or cost-performance value. Most likely you’ll see a few local monks too. These are the best of the best.

  • Regal Lotus (御蓮齋) is probably the most impressive vegetarian buffet in the city. Lunch and dinner for adults costs 880NT. Seniors over 65 years old are 600NT. Kids are 200NT or 399NT depending on their height. You can make a reservation on their website.
  • Fruitful Food is another high-end, high-quality buffet with just about anything you could imagine. Lunch is 538NT. Dinner is 638NT. Make a reservation on their website here.
  • 蓮池閣素菜餐廳 is the final pick. Adults eat for 550NT for lunch and dinner. Kids under 140cm eat for 275NT. There’s 10% service charge, though I’m not sure why since it’s a buffet.

Good, Budget Eats

There are so many quick and easy vegetarian eats in this city. The Minder Vegetarian chain was already mentioned in the Taiwanese section, but here are a few more options:

  • Happy Farm does cozy soups filled to the brim with vegetables and tofu. Located near Taipower Building MRT station.
  • Ji Yuan Vegetarian (吉緣素食) is known for their noodles heaped with mustard greens. A popular stall near Longshan Temple.
  • 如來素食 is the kind of hole-in-the-wall noodle joint everyone should live near. If you happen to be way up north in Shilin, then get off your phone and head over. Near Jiantan MRT station.
  • He Shun Xiang Yunnan Vegetarian is a popular go-to for spicy noodles. Located north of Xinyi Eslite.
Vegetarian spring rolls at Ya Ge.
Mushroom steamed dumplings at Ya Ge.

Fine Dining

For special occasions or whenever you feel like throwing some money around.

  • Ya Ge inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel has one Michelin star. They serve a vegetarian dim sum set menu for 2,980NT.
  • Yu Shan Ge is Michelin recommended. They do Japanese-style vegetarian fine dining with set menu prices. Near Shandao Temple.
  • Verde does vegetarian modern fusion cuisine. The food presentation looks fantastic. Near Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.
  • Pure Veggie House is the newly opened Taipei branch of the premium Hong Kong brand. It’s super high-end vegan Chinese food. Located in Xinyi District.
  • Zen Tea Restaurant (禪風茶樓) is run by the same restaurant group as DeliSoys. Their dining room has a traditional Chinese design and a lovely ambiance. Near Xingtian Temple MRT station.
  • Little Tree House (小小樹食) serves an eclectic menu of vegan dishes and cocktails in a stunning dining room. They have everything from pastas and grilled Mexican-style corn to cakes and other desserts. They have two locations in Daan District.
Entrance of 以南屋蔬食料理餐廳.
Soymilk udon and fried tofu at 以南屋蔬食料理餐廳.


  • Hoshina is famous for their housemade udon, clear flavorful broth and fresh veggies. I also like the seasonal greens in peanut sauce with sesame seeds, and homemade peanut/almond cookies. A lovely spot to have a quiet lunch in the Zhongxiao Dunhua area. There’s also a location in Songshan District.
  • 以南屋蔬食料理餐廳 is in the Japanese section because they specialize in udon and ramen served in cast iron soup pots from Japan. They’re known for the soymilk ramen but I found it a little sweet. The fried tofu is great. Near Sun Yat-Sen MRT station.


  • Lau Mien Gung Fang Vegetarian Buns (老麵工房) make steamed mantou buns with nuts, berries and cheese.
  • 均合素食 is located way out east but their buns are so, so good. I especially like the veggie filled bun.
  • Falafel King near Taipower Building MRT station is the best place to get falafel and pita in the city.
  • Yiihotang was already mentioned above, but I think it’s worth mentioning again because their Japanese-style breads and pastries are so good you don’t even realize it’s vegan. They’re famous for their sea salt soymilk cream bread and pineapple bread, all delicious and worth trying. Yiihotang has a few locations around town but this is their all-vegan branch.
  • NUTTEA makes vegan, lactose-free “milk” tea drinks. The cream on top is a bit-based cream. People rave about it. Located right by Daan MRT station.
Japanese garden outside Hoshina in Daan District.
Hand-cut udon noodles, vegetables with sesame sauce and homemade cookies at Hoshina.

Brunch & Bistro Food

You absolutely can’t go wrong with any of these places for salads, bowls, sandwiches and general cafe food. Check out their Instagram accounts then go try everything.

  • Ooh Cha Cha serves up colorful plates of delicious, healthy goodness. They’re famous for the cookie ice cream sandwich and also have the Beyond Meat burger on their menu. Near Technology Building MRT station.
  • MissGreen does great burgers, smoothies, wraps and salads. There was a while when I would eat the avocado wrap once a week. Try to sit upstairs, not downstairs. Close to Xinyi Anhe MRT station.
  • Plants is a super cute, bright cafe serving very Instagram-ready energy bowls, smoothies etc. Everything is gluten-free and a lot of stuff on their menu is raw as well. Located near Daan MRT station.
  • Herban Kitchen & Bar does bistro food like pastas, vegan mac’n’cheese, risottos and kebab. They have a nice drinks menu and all their desserts are made in-house. Just north of Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station.
  • Herbivore is a vegan restaurant run by the Miacucina team with a huge menu of hot and cold dishes. The pancakes here look fantastic. Also has a drinks menu. Located inside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4 Building in Xinyi District.
  • Flourish Vegan do Asian-style bowls, salads, rice paper wraps and sushi. Located next door to Yiihotang (they’re run by the same restaurant group) near Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station.
  • Yuli Your Home (仁里居) is a modern homestyle bistro serving a mix of Asian and Western flavors. They’re known for their boiled and pan-fried dumplings, kimchi bowls and kakigori shaved ice with red bean. Located by Daan Park.

Pizza & Pasta

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of good vegetarian pizza and pasta places in your back pocket.

  • Miacucina has a such huge menu it’s actually a little difficult to decide on a single dish to order. They have branches in Xinyi District, Tianmu and Zhongxiao Fuxing.
  • 馬蔬蔬蔬食 Choice Pizza looks like they do amazingly rich and creamy vegetarian pasta dishes. The photos on their page are just wow.
  • Soul R. Vegan have pastas, risottos and even a vegan “filet mignon” dish on their menu. They’re also known for their waffles and burger. Near Zhongxiao Fuxing.


Taipei has a few dedicated vegetarian Indian restaurants to fix those cravings.

  • Mayur Indian Vegetarian is the vegetarian location of this very popular restaurant group. Near Huashan 1914 Creative Park.
  • Flavor of India is another vegetarian Indian restaurant. Super high rating. At the Dunhua Heping intersection.
Soymilk soft serve at Soypresso.


It’s pretty much soy-town here, so expect a lot of great vegan dessert options.

  • Vegan Heaven has a fantastic reputation for vegan cakes and coffee. Located west of Taipei 101 Station.
  • Green Bakery further north is another vegan cake shop with a great reputation. In Songshan District.
  • Nice Cream does vegan gelatos in lots of flavors. I recommend all the fruit flavors. North of Zhongxiao Dunhua.
  • Soypresso does hot and cold douhua desserts as well as soymilk and black sesame soft serve. They have a few locations.
  • Soy Bean Desserts has people raving about the quality and strong soy flavor of their soy pudding and ice cream. Close to Dongmen Station.
  • 玉香齋 Jade Patisserie has plenty of Western and Chinese-style breads and pastries. Located near Songshan Cultural & Creative Park.

Food Trucks

Taiwan has a roaming band of vegetarian night market lead by the Gardenburger Food Truck. Follow their Facebook page to see where they’re headed next.

The Caffeinated Vegan wrote a blog post about trying their famous garden burger after waiting in line for an hour.

Did I miss anything?

Leave your favorites in the comments if I didn’t mention it above! I’ll try my best to keep this post updated. And for even more recommendations, here are some Taipei-based vegan and vegetarian Instagram accounts to follow:

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