Brunch before kids meant Bloody Mary’s and prosecco. Brunch after kids means three cups of coffee and room temperature food. And to be honest, sometimes brunch with kids isn’t even brunch. It’s technically a late lunch.

All that aside, eating out with kids can still be fun as long as the restaurant has friendly staff and a good number of high chairs. I should note that it’s pretty rare for restaurants in Taipei to have a kids menu, so prepare to share.

One more thing: we don’t eat at the family play cafes around town because the food served in those places is universally terrible. Okie doke, here are our favorite places to have brunch with kids in Taipei.

Woolloomooloo Xinyi

If your kids wake up early, WXY is one of the very few restaurants in Taipei open for coffee and food in the early morning. It’s my favorite place for a full English-style breakfast. They also serve a great value lunch set, and the upstairs outdoors space is perfect for kids to run around. I love that they have picture books the kids can read at the table and a babyccino on the menu that’s probably going to make a bit of a mess, but is ridiculously adorable. Open from 7:30am daily.

Address: No. 379, Xinyi Road, Sec. 4, Xinyi District (Map)


I love this place so much. I take my daughter to the location on Renai roundabout pretty frequently. Sometimes she’ll nap through a meal, other times she’s up and leading me on a patrol of the dining section. We typically share a plate of pasta and then I order her an extra serving of sweet potato wedges (unsalted) so she can gnaw on them at her leisure. For parents, the fresh juices and coffee are both tasty (I order both!) and the salads are generously sized. The Renai location is open from 8am daily.

Address: They have two locations in Taipei. One is on Renai Rd and the other is in Neihu.

Sanukiudon & Tenpura

I really enjoy coming to this udon restaurant on the 5th floor of the Nanshan Breeze mall. First, the udon is the bomb. They make both thick and thin versions (the thin ones are easier for kids to chew) and the tempura and cheese croquettes are so good my daughter and I sometimes argue about who gets to eat more. (I let her have it.) Open daily from 11am.

Address: No. 17, Songzhi Road, Xinyi District (Map)

Second Floor Cafe – Renai

The Renai location of Second Floor Cafe is actually four storeys high, so there’s plenty of seating available and lots of personal space. The menu, which includes an all-day brunch section, is simply huge. You’ll probably have a hard time deciding what to order. And after you finally lock in a dish, you’ll question whether or not you should upgrade your meal to a set with coffee, soup/bread, side salad and dessert. I’m feeling a little anxious just thinking about it. Make a reservation if you have a big group. Open from 10am on weekdays. From 8am on weekends.

Address: No. 108, Renai Road, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng District (Map)

Sugar Pea Cafe

Sugar Pea isn’t the kind of place that will tolerate kids running around, but they do have high chairs so kids are comfortable. Absolutely make a reservation first. Open from 11:30am daily. Closed Mondays.

Address: No. 16, Alley 20, Lane 300, Renai Road, Sec. 4, Daan District (Map)

Baba Kevin’s American Barbecue

The basement dining area of Baba Kevin’s has a makeshift play area where kids will go absolutely bananas. And of course, the food is incredible. I mean, just look at that up there. Open from 11:30am daily.

Address: No. 6, Lane 115, Minsheng E. Road, Sec. 2, Zhongshan District (Map)

Komeda’s Coffee

There are four Komeda’s Coffee locations in Taipei and I’m so grateful for all of them. Komeda’s started in Nagoya, Japan in 1968 and their shops simply explode with retro charm and efficiency. How many places are perfect for little kids as well as solo people working on their laptop? It’s insane. The entire menu is basically kid-friendly, and some booths even have room to park your stroller. I’m such a fan. All locations open from 7am or 7:30am daily.

Address: Dunhua, Nanjing, Songshan, Neihu

Café de LUGANO

You’ll definitely want to sit in the outdoor dining area, which feels a little secluded because the Mandarin Oriental hotel is a bit further in from the main road. They have an all-day menu starting at 11am, with standard cafe food like burgers and eggs benedict. Portions are very small but the good news is the fries come in a big heap. It probably goes without saying, but we’re really here because it’s nice to sit outside.

Address: No. 166, Dunhua North Rd, Songshan District (Map)

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