Recently I was shopping online for posters for our apartment. Ideally, another one with a Taiwan theme. (If you recall, I hit the jackpot with this poster last year.)

This search, however, was futile. There was nothing remotely cool, interesting or unoffensive to my eyes.

But then I came across the website of Anderson Design Group, a creative studio that creates and prints classic, hand-illustrated posters out of Nashville, Tennessee.

I noticed in their World Travel section they had a lot of East Asian cities represented: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Bangkok.

But no Taipei travel poster.

So I wrote them to request a specific poster design for our city. To my pleasant shock, they not only wrote back days later — but they totally came through with a kickass poster.

They even took into consideration my suggestions of monuments to avoid (like CKS Memorial Hall) and gave me a sneak peek at the two final options they would use.

Looks great, doesn’t it?

taipei travel poster

But now for some bad news.

Anderson Design Group doesn’t ship internationally frequently, so I was told the shipping charge to Taipei for a single poster can be anywhere between US$40-$80 depending on size and format.

Since a standard 18×24-inch poster costs $39.99 to print, you could be paying double that to cover the shipping costs. A smarter option would be to ask a US-based friend to bring it along the next time they fly back to Taipei.

Which is exactly what I’m hoping to do.

You can order the poster here or just browse their amazing collection of poster designs. Enjoy.

Image Credit: © 2016 Anderson Design Group, Inc. Used by permission.