Just the title of this cookbook makes me feel a little tense. I’ve never tried, suggested or imagined I could ever — in a million Moon Festivals — cook anything Taiwanese. Nor would I recognize the ingredients required to put it all together.

But alas, this book is coming out next year in March, so I guess I will have to face my awkward feelings of inadequacy.


The author of “The Food of Taiwan” is Cathy Erway, a young Taiwanese-American food writer who’s written for Saveur.com, Serious Eats, Edible Brooklyn, and already published a previous book, The Art of Eating In.

I love the idea behind her blog, “Not Eating Out in New York”, when she swore off New York restaurants for two years. Would it even be possible to do that in Taipei, you think?!

As research, Cathy came to Taipei and cooked a dinner party for eight. She made classics like that omelette everyone loves and that soupy dish with the clams and the Chinese squash. You know what I’m talking about! She wrote about the experience for Edible Brooklyn and the editors used “Made in Taiwan” as the title. That line is so damn irresistible it will never, ever be phased out.

And here’s Cathy’s archive of Taiwanese recipes on Serious Eats. You can also take a look at “The Food of Taiwan” on Amazon. Maybe even pre-order it if you’re ambitious.

Photo Credit: Edible Brooklyn and Amazon for the book cover