One of the best and laziest ways to “see” Taiwan is to follow some unique, interesting accounts on Instagram. These people are all strangers to me, but I love that I can get a real glimpse of different — sometimes under-represented — sides to everyday life in Taiwan through their eyes.

Oh, and I’m on Instagram too: @trickytaipei and @heytaipeibook


A mailman from Tainan who started posting photos from his route, then his account completely blew up. The whole thing is like a gorgeous sponsored ad for Chunghwa Post. I wish they were smart enough to publish an official calendar with his photos (they’re not), but he does have this book. Anywhere else in the world, this guy would have a reality TV show already. He introduces us to local people, unique shops and scenic views he can’t help but take a detour to check out. I’d watch his show.


If you’re learning Mandarin in Taiwan, this account is a must follow. It’s like getting an insider’s translation of all the slang and in-jokes that were going over your head. The account exploded in popularity in the past two years. These days they even do sponsored posts and collabs with brands.


This account is run by Yone, a Taiwanese-Brazilian food photographer and stylist who was born and raised in Brazil, but has been based in Taipei for a few years. Her shots at Taipei cafes, restaurants and night markets are some of the most compelling on Instagram.


An account about Indigenous Taiwan cultures by an Indigenous Taiwanese. It’s not updated often (last post was in October 2019) but it deserves more followers.


I am such a fan of Fred’s. He’s absolutely living his best life here in Taipei. He always looks sharp, he goes on epic bike rides wearing full body Spandex and he has a cutie-pie dog. The guy just has good taste and a great eye. Plus it looks like he had an excellent time at Taiwan Pride last year. I even like his selfies.


Taiwanese cookbook author Ben Lee has more than 183,000 followers on Instagram. His recipes are easy to follow and most importantly, they’re bilingual for dumb-dumbs like me. He makes Taiwanese versions of classic Chinese dishes and also simple versions of other Asian cuisines.


There are lots of talented Taiwanese illustrators on Instagram, but the one I like best is this one. I don’t even understand what’s going on most of the time, but it feels clever and wacky. The guy is obviously very successful because he draws sponsored cartoons for pretty big brands.


If you have any preconceived ideas about what Taiwanese girls are like, Angela will be a pleasant surprise. She’s a young Taiwanese woman who’s studying Thai at the National University of Kaohsiung. She’s vegetarian, rides a fixed gear bike and ran the EVA Air marathon in October 2018. I love that she once shared her Friday night dinner and it was a bag of Kiki instant noodles and a can of Taiwan Beer.


As a 30-something woman, I can say with full sincerity that 20-something women really sees the world with different eyes. To Hsin, Taipei is romantic, a little blurry, sometimes even a little rusty. When she gets out of the city her photos are beautifully bright. There are flowers, the sea and blue skies. I especially love her photos of traditional Taiwanese window grills.


Alex Mei is on the search for her favorite bowl of beef noodle soup in Taipei. I’m sure everyone can relate. This account may cause sudden beef noodle soup cravings. I’m just warning you right now.


The Reporter is a widely read and highly respected investigative news outlet in Taiwan. Their Instagram account posts in Chinese, but you can use the translation feature for a rough translate into English if you need it. More than 55K followers get their news via this Instagram account. It’s the best way to get news direct from Taiwan that wouldn’t otherwise be covered in Western media.

Of course, you should already be following the original and best foodie accounts: @hungryintaipei, @taipeifoodie, @taipeieats and @taipeieater.

Know other interesting Taipei-based accounts I should be following? Please leave a comment!