There’s no single travel guide that could possibly cover everything you need to know about Taipei and Taiwan, so this is me attempting to collect the best of the best.

I’ve sourced articles from mainstream newspapers and magazines, and balanced those with posts from bloggers — both Taiwan residents and first-timer tourists.

Topics covered: lots of food, traveling with kids, day trips outside Taipei, walking tours, female solo travelers, LGBTQ travel and shopping for souvenirs.

There’s also a brief FAQ section with these two zingers: “why is Taiwan called Chinese Taipei at the Olympics?” and “how is Taiwan different from China?”

I hope you find this super useful. Enjoy!

First, My Favorite Taipei Guide

Airbnb Magazine’s The Insider’s Guide to Taipei from June 2019

Where to Eat & Drink in Taipei

Eater’s The 38 Essential Taipei Restaurants last updated March 2019

The full list of Taipei Michelin Restaurants 2019

My post Where to Eat in Taipei from March 2019

My post Where to Drink in Taipei from Aug 2019

My post The Best Vegan & Vegetarian Eats in Taipei from Sept 2019

My post Where to Eat Beef Noodle Soup in Taipei from Jan 2020

My post Where to Eat Western Comfort Foods in Taipei last updated Jan 2020

My post Eat Like You’re in Japan last updated Jan 2020

A Style Alike’s directory of Instagram-ready Taipei cafes and restaurants

What to Eat in Taipei

The Saturday Paper’s Taipei’s Beef Noodle Soup from Aug 2019

Journy’s Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup: A Primer from Jan 2019

The New York Times’s Where Stinky Tofu Is at Its Malodorous Best from Nov 2017

Eater’s Boba Explained: A Taxonomy of Taipei’s Bubble Tea from March 2019

Roads & Kingdom’s The Curious Case of Q from in May 2017

My post How to Eat Taiwanese Breakfast from Feb 2017

Eater’s What to Eat at Taiwan’s Most Famous Night Market (Video) from July 2019

My post What to Eat at Tonghua Night Market from Nov 2019

Where to Stay in Taipei

The Curious Explorer’s Where to Stay in Taipei: Neighborhoods, Hotels & Hostels

My post A Stay at Taipei’s Best Design Hotel (the Kimpton Daan) from Dec 2019

Walking Tours in Taipei


Like It Formosa


Taipei with Kids

My post The Best Things to Do in Taipei with Kids from Nov 2019

My post Where to Have Brunch with Kids in Taipei from Aug 2019

Nick Kembel’s Taipei with Kids from May 2018

Mama Baby Mandarin’s guide to Taiwan Camps for Kids 2019

Taipei with Parents

Taiwan Scene’s 10 Things To Do With Your Parents in Taipei from July 2019

Taipei for Solo Female Travelers

The Pinay Solo Backpacker’s Taipei Travel Guide from July 2019

The Wandering Quinn’s 12 Reasons I Loved Taipei & My Taipei Travel Tips from March 2019

Where Goes Rose’s A Complete Guide to Visiting Taipei from May 2019

Leaving Taipei & Exploring Taiwan

My post Tips for an Easy Weekend in Taichung from Nov 2019

The Curious Explorer’s 124 Fun Things To Do In Taiwan

Nick Kembel’s An Insider’s Taiwan Itinerary for 1, 2, or 3 Weeks from July 2019

Josh Ellis’s collection of beautiful hikes around Taiwan

Bloomberg’s Cycling Taiwan’s East Coast Route from Nov 2017

Taipei for LGBTQ Travelers

Once Upon A Journey’s Gay Taiwan: Asia’s Best Destination for LGBTQ+ Travelers from June 2019

Queer in the World’s The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Taipei 2019

Nomadic Boys’ Gay Life in Taipei interview from May 2019

Where to Shop for Souvenirs

My post on “Made in Taiwan” Gift & Souvenirs last updated August 2019

My post The Tricky Taipei 2019 Holiday Gift Guide from Dec 2019

A Few More Notable Posts…

Will Fly For Food’s The First Timer’s Travel Guide to Taipei last updated July 2019

My post Taiwanese Instagram Accounts You Should Follow from Jan 2019

Nick Kembel’s 30 Jaw-Dropping Temples in Taipei & New Taipei City from Aug 2019

Tips & Things to Be Aware Of

South China Morning Post’s The Dark Side of Flying Sky Lanterns (Video)

Mama Baby Mandarin’s very useful list of Taiwan Travel Info


Why is Taiwan called Chinese Taipei at the Olympics? This story I wrote about my dad explains it.

How is Taiwan different from China? Here goes: Taiwan is democratic and its citizens can vote in elections — China’s can’t. Taiwan has its own currency. Taiwanese citizens have their own passport. You can access Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter in Taiwan — you can’t in China. Same-sex marriage is legal in Taiwan — it’s not in China. Finally, Taiwan practices freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

For more background on Taiwan’s weird place in the world:

The Atlantic’s Taiwan’s Status Is a Geopolitical Absurdity from July 2019