Thanks for your interest in Hey Taipei, my English-language picture book about this great city!

First of all, sorry it’s not on Amazon! The numbers just don’t make sense to ship from Taiwan. But the good news is there are a few places to order online. Links after the photo below!

If you have a few minutes, here are a couple of articles about what possessed me to do this when I had a newborn (yes, I’m nuts!), and also how it came to life:

So, I Wrote A Picture Book About Taipei from Dec 2018

A Very Belated Update on Hey Taipei from June 2019

And if you’d like, follow @heytaipeibook on Instagram for stuff about parenting and life with kids in Taipei!

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Find “Hey Taipei” in Taipei

Lai Hao Taiwan Gift Shop (Map)

Tamed Fox Cafe Daan (Map)

Tamed Fox Cafe Xinyi (Map)

Moooon River Cafe & Books (Map)